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She Said Yes! Nelka+James

My heart fills with joy just going back to the evening I witnessed James propose to long time friend Nelka. James orchestrated the whole plan that he would have his family and friends go to Vegas to celebrate his birthday but his girlfriend didn't know an actual proposal would be taking place! Thanks to one of Nelka's other best friends Ebonie she was able to create distraction for The Plan. We all headed to Blue Martini which is a lounge with great atmosphere, amazing cocktails, and a mix of current and old school hip hop.

Backstory: James and Nelka met as coworkers, became good friends and eventually lovers.They've been together almost 4 years and are happy through it all.

Fast forward to the meet up, Nelka had no idea I was there (in Vegas) let alone that she would be getting proposed to. After I surprised her from making the trip I told her I could not attend, James smoothly stepped in, got on one knee and presented the ring! I love seeing the aww, confusion and shock on the the loved ones faces at this moment! The screams of excitement filled the air as Nelka said YES! and was greeted with congratulatory hugs and laughter. We partied the night away and prepared for her next surprise!

Step 2 of the proposal was Nelka's surprise engagement session. We informed her the night of her proposal that she would be getting an engagement session the next day to memorialize their memories of being in Vegas and the proposal of her dreams! Luckily for me I know some basics in applying makeup and as her friend I did her makeup, James and I preplanned a beautiful coordinating outfit for them to wear and I brought along some dazzling jewelry to compliment the outfits.

We were headed off to RED ROCK Canyon to take these amazing images. You would not believe from looking at their engagement pictures that the weather was cold at 40 degrees and very cloudy. The challenging part was it was getting more cloudy and dark covering the beautiful mountains we needed for these Epic images! Luckily with some quick thinking and maneuvering I was able to set the couple in two perfect spots to capture their love, and the scenery! They put on a brave face as the crisp cold air blew strong. They were dedicated in making sure they could look back at the moment and have a story to share!

Lastly, We finished their shoot at the Luxor Hotel where James requested everyone to stay based on it being more Afro-centric than the other hotels on the strip. Each location we took pictures at had a significance which better preserves their love story years down the line! While we look to the future on what their wedding has in store. I say hurray and well done to Mister James pulling off this genuine surprise and

CHEERS!! to this lovely couple and friends!


Witness the video and Images below!

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