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Photoshoot Ready!

Many clients and models don't know what to bring to a photo session and frankly all photographers are different. This blog thought is to help those that plan to be in a photoshoot!

You should have some type of consultation with your photographer so they know how to prep you for your photo session. Prepare for what you're going to wear.

Let's say you are wearing spring or summer outfits to your photoshoot. This is a good time to remember some essentials. Make sure your nails are done or clean and trimmed, you wear Clear deodorant, shave legs, maybe arms, and underarms. If you're a male or female that gets waxed, get your eyebrows done ahead of time, fellas get a fresh cut and shave. Brush those pearly whites. Groom to prepare for your shoot. Ladies if you are wearing bikinis touch up that area. This makes the return on your photos quicker and easier to edit. Not all photographers edit everything that is wrong with your image. The worst is to assume your photographer will edit out everything.

Some great things to bring along if you are not booking a glam squad for your session are hair accessories, a nude/skin tone bra, bra tape, lipstick for touchups, lotion, hair combs, brushes and gel.

Make sure your clothes are ironed or steamed before your session for the best result.

Shake it off: Have nerves? I make sure I play upbeat music if not my clients preferred genre in the studio. I pose them if they need assistance and give reassurance they are doing great. This builds or reconfirms their confidence.

I hope this note brings you confidence and preparedness for your session!


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