• Turn Around Time

Turn around times varies per season. Usual turn around time for edited images is a max of ten business days. If you have a high number of edits over 5, the turn around time is usually 20 business days. Turn around time starts the day the client purchase the number of images they want or the next business day if it is past 5pm. More Images can always be purchased at an additional cost. Bonnie Does not permit others to edit her work as it lowers the integrity of her work. Bonnie provides a gallery reveal and ordering session for clients to view the photos from their session and purchase the images they want. If they do not select within 1 week their images will no longer get priority and will have to be worked in on the editing schedule which can push completion of edits back past the standard time.

Clients have 2 days to download their images before the email deletes. If images are not downloaded within that time clients will incur a $100 service fee + processing fee for resending the images. If Bonnie no longer has the images it is not the fault of Bonnie Blu as she does not keep all clients images after a certain amount of time. She can not guarantee she can resend images past a months time. 


For clients who purchased a website turnaround time is between 25 and 50 Business days depending on how detailed the web design is , if its a shop or booking site and more. If corrections are requested after Bonnie has stated the website is done the additional correction will not take away from the fact the website was completed within the given timeframe. Furthermore, if the additional corrections requested extend outside of the timeline there will be no repercussions or discounts given to client based on their request. Additional fees will apply for correction request over 10 (small or large).

  • Glam Squad

Bonnie always suggest booking  her hair, make up, and styling team for your inspired looks, this way the images can turn out like her portfolio work. Bonnie does not do major editing on bad make up or hair from an outside source. Bonnie also does not drastically change skin tones. Any service from the glam team is an extra fee in addition to Bonnie's regular rate.

  • Non Refundable Retainers

The retainer is used to secure the photographer’s service for a particular date/period and time. In exchange for the non refundable retainer, the photographer agrees that they will not pursue other work for that particular date and time; in essence, they reserve the specified period exclusively for the clients at hand, regardless. Once non refundable retainer is paid the photographer will not accept any other booking for the session date and time. There will be no refunds due to the potential loss of business if client cancels the session. The retainer is also used to secure studio space, equipment, or glam squad if needed. 


 Only one date change is allowed and it must be at least a week prior to shoot date and the rescheduled date must be within the same month as the scheduled shoot date. If you made a retainer and would like to reschedule your shoot outside of the original date and its not within the same month you will loose your retainer and must make another retainer. Retainers are accepted through paypal, cash app, Zelle, or by cash and are non refundable. If retainers are made without a signed contract the client automatically agrees to Bonnie's terms and conditions based on the fact they paid the retainer and had a phone consultation for services requested.


Retainers for websites are Non Refundable and websites will not be transferred over until the remaining balance is paid in full. Once the final payment is made it is not refundable due to the fact the client is paying for the time it takes to design the website and the design. 

  • Hours of Operation

Bonnie is available Monday through Friday for email contact. 11am-6pm. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday are strictly shooting days. Bonnie Can Not guarantee she can respond to text or emails on weekends.

  • Tardiness

If you are over 20 minutes Late for your scheduled booking time, you will incur a $50 per hour late fee + processing fees starting from the original booking time. There is no half price for half an hour and the studio is booked hourly along with other factors to this late fee.

  • Pricing

Pricing is subject to change at any time. Your price is set and finalized once your Retainer is made.

  • Out Source Editing

Bonnie Blu does Not Authorize and allow the outsourcing or editing of any images shot by her by any other photographers or retouching companies. Bonnie Blu does not allow unedited work to be published anywhere as it lowers the integrity of her work and is an unfinished product. If clients receive unedited work in a gallery or via email it is understood they are to select and purchase the images they would like edited and those final edits are permitted to be released. Bonnie Blu does not allow the editing of images shot by her by others as it lessons the integrity of her work. Furthermore, if clients request Bonnie Blu to edit images she did not take they must get approved authorization by the original photographer who shot the image. Bonnie Blu is not responsible for penalties or negative actions due to clients not retrieving proper authorization, any penalties will fall on the client and Not Bonnie Blu. By paying for the outsourced images clients agree and understand Bonnie Blu's terms fully.

  • Repor

Bonnie has the right to cancel, any booking based on disrespect from the client to Bonnie or any of her business affiliates. If the client has a question or problem it is in their best interest to act professionally and let Bonnie know their concerns in a professional or respectful manner. Bonnie does not tolerate being disrespected for any reason and hold the upmost respect for her clients. If such disrespect occurs Bonnie has the right to forfeit continuing any work for said client without giving a refund. There will be no refunds for disrespectful or impatient clients who can not act in a professional manner and chooses to curse, belittle, bully, or threaten Bonnie for any reason. 

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